We are a national association, which unifies and harmonizes the interests of microfinance market participants. We assist the development of microfinance sector on the basis of partnership in order to provide sustainable financial services to the society.


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AMFOT/Members news

09.12.2014 Webinar of the global worldwide celebrations of financial education and inclusion for children and youth

At the CYFI Secretariat we have already started preparing to celebrate Global Money Week 2015, the global worldwide celebrations of financial education and inclusion for children and youth. We want to share with all our partners and stakeholders what it’s new in this edition of the celebration.

08.12.2014 Online courses of Frankfurt School of finance and management

Frankfurt School of finance and management announce recruitment of candidates for the online education and certification (LinkEde-learningcourses).


05.12.2014 CTMT Training Business planning

Center of Training and Development of Microfinance of Tajikistan under an AMFOT announce the training “Business planning”. Business-plan is a strategic document, which is based and developed based on vision of organization – which will cover whole planning period and allow to foresee the risks.


26.11.2014 Webinar on ─Balancing Financial and Social Returns

Social Performance Task Force invites to attend at the webinar on °Balancing Financial and Social Returns² on Tuesday, 2nd December 2014, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. IST (Mumbai, GMT +5:30). The session will focus on how investors can use microfinance ratings as they assess the tradeoffs between financial and social returns. Frances Sinha, an SPTF board member and co-founder of EDA Rural Systems, will begin with an overview of the social ratings, which provide an objective opinion on an MFIs degree of success in translating its social mission into practice.Next, Alok Misra, CEO of M-CRIL, will walk through a case study of an MFI that demonstrates tradeoffs in balancing financial and social returns. The session will end with a discussion of the case study, as well as any questions about social ratings.

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