We are a national association, which unifies and harmonizes the interests of microfinance market participants. We assist the development of microfinance sector on the basis of partnership in order to provide sustainable financial services to the society.


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AMFOT/Members news

05.04.2014 CTMT training Taxation of MFO and banksin Khujand

Center of training and development of microfinance of Tajikistan at AMFOT announce training “Taxation of MFO and banks” in Khujand city. Trainer – Bahrullo Mulloev, independent expert and consultant on taxation and legal issues, director of Grant Tornton office in Dushanbe. During the training will be considered major issues as administration, calculation and payment of major taxes of MFOs, also will be considered and studied major changes at system of taxation of MFOs and Banks adopted at Tax code.

02.04.2014 Registration for international exam of risk managers based on Program of risk certification GARP

The program of risk certification became an unique opportunity for experts of Tajikistan to get certified in sphere of risk management, which is recognized all over the world. Now in order to take an exam the experts doesn’t need to go out of country. The exam will be held and administered in Tajikistan, but the evaluation of results will be conducted by World association GARP. Such process will provide maximum efficiency and transparency in evaluation of participants.

24.03.2014 CTMT Training TIL: Agribusiness: Plant production and Cattle breading

Center of Training and Development of Microfinance of Tajikistan (CTMT) at AMFOT announce training on topic “TIL: Agribusiness: Plant production and Cattle breading”. The participants will acquaint with specifics of agribusiness in sphere of plant production and cattle breading, also the basis of financial analysis during disbursement by MFOs.

13.03.2014 Consultation workshop Tajikistan country partnership strategy 2015-2019

On march 12 at hotel “Mercury” was held consultation workshop of ADB. The objective of the consultation workshop was to discuss Tajikistan’s key development issues and identify possible areas and projects for future ADB engagement. ADBs planned CPS for 2015-2019 will be developed in close consultation with the government and other stakeholders where also attend AMFOT, seeks to help Tajikistan remove the most critical constraints on its development and create a basis higher, more inclusive and sustainable economic growth.


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