We are a national association, which unifies and harmonizes the interests of microfinance market participants. We assist the development of microfinance sector on the basis of partnership in order to provide sustainable financial services to the society.


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AMFOT/Members news

11.06.2014 CTMT Training in Khujand Technology of individual lending

Centre of Training and Development of Microfinance of Tajikistan at AMFOT announce training for the loan officers of MFOs and Banks on topic “Technology of individual lending” in Khujand city of Sugd region. The objective of the training is to improve professional level of loan experts of MFO and Banks.

10.12.2013 Presentation of two new programs of KFW

In the Ministry of economic development and trade of Tajikistan was held presentation of two new programs of KFW: Program on development of financial system in rural areas of Tajikistan (second phase) and Program on housing finance in rural areas of Tajikistan. The purpose of the programs is access of sustainable banks and microfinance organizations to financial and technical support, which can provide loans to micro, small and medium enterprises in rural areas or also to people for housing finance.

29.11.2013 Courses for preparation of Loan officers in the framework of Program for Professional preparation of financial sector staff

Center of training and development of microfinance of Tajikistan under AMFOT jointly with MCO “Oxus” and CJSC AccessBank Tajikistan under the support of National bank of Tajikistan announce opening the courses for preparation of Loan officers in the framework of Program for Professional preparation of financial sector staff.


28.11.2013 The International Standards of Financial Reporting course Financial accounting 1 and Management -1 are still open

The purpose of the course is assimilation of accounting principles by the listeners, to get acquaint them with content of financial reporting of organizations based on International Standards of Financial Reporting, understand the role of financial reporting and financial analysis as source of information to conduct analysis and decision making, and also preparation to take IFRS exam.

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