We are a national association, which unifies and harmonizes the interests of microfinance market participants. We assist the development of microfinance sector on the basis of partnership in order to provide sustainable financial services to the society.


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AMFOT/Members news

04.03.2013 The 16th MFC annual conference

This conference is fundamentally about optimism and innovation. While it’s important to acknowledge the challenges that the industry has collectively faced over the past years, we firmly believe that our time together should focus on turning crisis into opportunity — using failure as a catalyst for positive and sustainable change.


21.02.2013 Credit resources of MDO "Imon International"

MDO “Imon International” announce about lending the MFOs. The size of loans from $35.000 to $300.000. The lending conditions could be received by applying to regional manager on SMB – Rahimov Bahrom at email: brahimov@imon.tj

11.02.2013 Training of CTMT in Khujand: Taxation of MFO and banks based on new regulation of Tax code.

CTMT under AMFOT is announcing the training “Taxation of MFO and banks based on new regulation of Tax code” in Khujand city. The trainer is Davron Kubonaliev, an independent taxation expert.

05.02.2013 The NBT instruction About regulation of MDO activity have been adopted

The new instruction of NBT #196 “About regulation of MDO activity” was adopted and the instruction #135 has lost its power. We recommend all MDOs set their activity based on NBT instruction #196.

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